Janus Fight Night Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Janus Fight Night

Here are the results fromJanus Fight night 2010 edition held in Padova, Italy on December 4th, 2010.

Armen Petrosyan vs Leroy Kaestner K-1 rules

Petrosyan wins on points

Marco Pique vs Paolo Bellini Thai Boxing

Pique wins on points

Diego Calzolari vs Muay Thai Full Rules Namsaknoi

Namsaknoi won by knockout in the fourth shooting

Alessandro Campagna Harut Grigorian vs K-1 Rule

Harut Grigorian wins on points

Mikel Colaj vs Robin Van Roosmalen K-1 rules

Van Roosmalen wins on points

Francis Anthony Kane vs Tadiello. K-1 rules

Kane wins by KO

Bruno Franchi vs. Darryl Stichman K-1 rules

Stichman wins on points

Iulian Imeri Jimmy Eimers vs K-1 rules

Imeri wins on points

Alex Rossi vs. Ismael Londt K-1 rules

Londt won by KO

Lisa Bucci vs. Sanne De Ruijter K-1 rules

Bucci wins

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