Joanna Jecrejczk Vs. Alla Ivashkevich

By Mike LNg

Alla and Joanna face off for the cameras

The WKN world title at 55kg – Joanna Jedrzjcyk fighting out of team Hoost, Holland fights Alla Ivashkevich in Minsk, Belarus September 12th, 2010. There was some initial controversy when the winner was announced and the decision was reversed.  As an aside it speaks volumes that the Belarus crowd is more interested ina fair and clean call than some other audiences.

See for yourself how the fight went.

~ by fatsoking on December 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Joanna Jecrejczk Vs. Alla Ivashkevich”

  1. sorry, i hate to be ‘that guy’ but…im in love.

  2. Great fight!! Both ladies gave their all and it was very entertaining. It was obvious who the winner was.

    Both ladies are lovely and I would love to see a re-match.

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