International Fight Show 2010 Quick Results

By Mike LNg

International Fight Show 2010

The results are in and actually have been in from December 4th’s International Fight Show in Italy.  So fullest apologies for the delays in results. In the international tournament (with full rules Muay Thai) in the first round, the Thai legend Kaoponlek won as expected surprise in the final by defeating the young Claudio Amoruso and last year’s champion of the tournament Frederick Diaz who defeated Tim Thomas (England).

The final of “International Fight Show” tournament between  “The Black Spider”  Frederic Diaz  and Kaoponlek. In the last bout it was evident that Diaz puts all of his heart and his aggressiveness in his efforts. But a gap was left in Diaz’s defense and  Kaoponlek capitalized, inflicting a severe knock, and obtaining the belt for the International Fight Show 2010 .

In the other tournament with K-1 rules in the semifinal, Giovanni Bianco needed an extra round to defeat Gravina Luca. Matteo Nerdulli wins with somedifficulty facing Frederico Antonelli .

In the final event Matteo Giovanni dropped Nardulli Bianco twice in the first round and knocked him out in the 2nd with a high kick.

Other results:

Laura Passatore (Italy) beat Rina Mazepa (Russian)

Lurdes Nunes (Spain) beat Luisella Maccionwe (Italy)

Roberto Scanu(Italy) beat Enrico Fantuzzibi (Italy) by KO

Nicola Magri (Italy) beat Samuel Pizzi (Italy) by TKO in round 3

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