HGH Launches Inaugural Event

By Mike LNg

HGH's Future of Muay Thai

HGH Promotions, the new Muay Thai promotion company have officially announced their coming card for March 19th, 2011. HGH Promotions was formed by Liam Harrison (5x World Champion), Andy Howson (3x World Champion) and Clint Gordon who is a close associate of Howson and Harrison and a fitness and body condition coach. The team states that they want to build and develop Muay Thai in the United Kingdom (UK) as well as bring bigger events for Muay Thai. Recently, the HGH team have changed venues for the HGH first show to accommodate fans below the 18-year old age.

The first card is correctly named “The Future of Muay Thai” and will feature much of the UK’s younger talent and rising stars. The promotion has said one of their goals with the 1st of three expected shows to be held in 2011 is to develop the younger talent in Muay Thai for the UK but will not preclude involving more international talent in their future events.

The line up for the night’s fights is as follows:

Kyle Fella vs. Loz Reilly ISKA British title
Glen Crosthwaite Vs Alex Foremen ISKA English title
Luke Kennedy vs Billy Hatton ISKA English title

Undercard scheduled fights:

Luke Greenshields (Team Fearless) vs Mike Edwards (Hanuman) 5 rounds, 2 minutes per round

Ben Lucas (Liam’s Gym)vs Karl Stoddart (Jai) 5 rounds, 2 minutes per round

Luke Imeson (Bad Company) vs. Josh Kehoe (Sapphire) 5 rounds, 1.5 minutes per round

Adam Proctor (Golden Team) vs. Kieran Jones (Sapphire) 5 rounds, 1.5 minutes per round

Nathan Ghundoo (Hanuman) vs. Amrit Kumar (Fearless) 5 rounds, 1.5 minutes per round

Andy Goodrick (Wicker Camp) vs. Chris Ainsley (Team Phoenix)

Edward Long (Bad Company) vs. Kyle Revill (Wicker Camp)

Kenzie Roberts (Bad Company) vs. Koby Mcnamara (Golden Team)

HGH is apparently waiting  confirmation on a possible opponent for Kate Stables.

Ticket information should be presumably available at the official HGH web site as well as from the phone number listed on the poster.

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