Warrior FC Muay Thai Championships December 2nd Canaberra

By Mike LNg

Warrior FC

Warrior FC will be held in the AIS Arena at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra, ACT. Warrior FC (Fighting Championships) is two shows, featuring both Muay Thai and MMA, in one day. From 11:00am Warrior FC will feature amateurs; padded fights for first timers and for people with 3 fights or less to gain experience.

From 4:00pm the professional fighters’ part of the card will be shown.

Apparently, the organizers are seeking out fighters to be part of this card and they are poening fighter registrations.

If you wish to be a part of the event and have a fighter you would like on either the mid morning or afternoon show, please contact Anthony Manning from Phoenix Gym on 0408 570 961 or myself, Kieran Walsh, on 0413 836 490.

The card as confirmed thus far will have these matches:

Mark Sarracino vs Dane ‘Daddy Kool’ Beauchamp

Mark Sarracino vs. Dane ‘Daddy Kool’ Beaucham, 5 X 3, Full Muay Thai rules.
Gaz ‘the Zombie’ Rees (Australia) vs. Jamie Eavds (New Zealand), 5 X 3 Full Muay Thai rules.
Cody Brooks (NSW) vs. Josh Heta (New Zealand), 5 X 3 Full Muay Thai rules
Damien Lakin (ACT) vs. Christian Schelluch, 3 X 3, Modified Muay Thai rules
Matt Cashmore (NSW) vs. Beau St. Quentin (WA), 5 X 3, Full  Muay Thai rules
Bianca Elmir (ACT) vs. Kristan Armstrong (NT), 5 X 2, Full Muay Thai Rules
MMA – Kris Spence (QLD) v’s Richard Kemp (Storm) 3 X 3

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