Joe Schilling Comes to Glory

By Mike LNg

Joe Schilling

Joe Schilling

American light heavyweight Thaiboxer Joe Schilling has a super fight booked for Glory. The official Can’t Stop Crazy press release confirms that Schilling has finally been able to get the dream bout he had been hard pursuing throughout 2012 to actually be booked. Joe Schilling will fight the United Kingdom’s Steven Wakeling at Glory.

I’ve been following Joe Schilling’s ascent into championships first as a super middleweight and then as a light heavyweight. Since those days past Schilling has always called for competition and made fights among the top tier of international light heavyweights. Schillingis one of the busiest fighters at light heavyweight in Muay Thai fighters in North America.

Like Schilling, Wakeling also fought professionally at a lower weight in the start of his fight career. Wakeling gained my attention as he fought and beat the elite at the time at middleweight including a prime Jomhod Kiatadisak and Australian Muay Thai stalwart John Wayne Parr. Along the way while adding more wins Wakeling collected also a WMC world title.

The bout is scheduled to take place on March 23rd, 2013 in Wakeling’s London, England home court. This could be correctly considered the fight between two of the elite of the sport at light heavyweight. Though both Wakeling and Schilling have competed in their familiar rules of Muay Thai this bout will be with K-1 rules. I am looking very forward to this fight and I am eager to see what else will be on the coming Glory card though this bout has to almost certainly be its main event.

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One Response to “Joe Schilling Comes to Glory”

  1. Thу main event is a bout between Tyrone Spong and Remy Bojasky, so Schilling – Wakeling is co-main at best.

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