Calling A Class Fighters!

By Fatso King

I found the following announcement on the Super Pro site:

Now we are preparing Showtime Reality part 2. Soon we will
present to you all the facts and figures about the new reality show.
On a new professional homepage we will show the new concept,
fighters, promotional information, sponsor opportunities etc. and
off course also an overall review about Showtime Reality part 1.

But wait there’s more!  Then I saw the following post from

In January 2010 there will be a recorded a reality show in the boxing Camp Superpro Samui, in Koh Samui Thailand. The producer asked our camp to help scouting for fighters. They are looking for high quality A class fighters from the following countries or Area’s:

Serbia or Croatia
South America
South Korea

The producer asks for the following requirements of the contestants:
– 70 kg
– Good fighting level of Fighters
– Can speak good english
– Not afraid of the camera

If you are or know someone who will fit this profile or if you would like to have more information, please sent an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible

Superpro as you know has ties with the It’s Showtime promotion by Simon Rutz based in the Netherlands.  So any A-class fighters out there consider the word officially passed and good luck in advance!

~ by fatsoking on August 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Calling A Class Fighters!”

  1. It’s Showtime,, the Super Pro Samui camp etc. are all entities of Simon and Ed. NONE of their events, including their first reality series which I did commentary for on Eurosport, are Muaythai: It’s merely kickboxing with the one-knee-rule (like K-1 World Max)!

    • Oh yeah I know. But with few international opportunities available for A-class fighters I thought I’d pass it along anyway. If K-1 had a similar casting call I’d probably pass that along as well to be honest.

  2. DAMN you!


    • I’ll never get mad at a fighter trying to get a payday in a slim to none environment of International Muay Thai. Most of them would prefer full rules Muay Thai too by my informal polling but bills have to be paid and mouths have to be fed.

      It’s the same as that WMC madness with Contender Asia and so forth – I’ll never think less of any fighter for fighting on a WMC sanction. I love Muay Thai and always will but in this scenario I want fighters to have an opportunity of a payday and quite honestly for this casting call that supersedes any need I have of being more ‘Thai-than thou’.

      It does not change the fighter from being a fighter and it doesn’t make the WMC legitimate. The WMC is partial sanction for Queen’s Birthday and Stephan Fox has already expressed his basically racist opinion on Thais on a publicly broadcast event as an example. Any sanction who consistently elects to do the wrong thing will get duly scrutinized and criticized. That scrutiny is not exclusive to the WMC – at the moment they’re just doing things the most wrong and at the most noticeable level.


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