Buakaw visits China

By Fatso King

Some interesting news via Muay Mag. On August 20th, 2009 Buakaw Por Pramuk left for China on basically a scouting trip.  It looks likely now that Buakaw will participate in some Muay Thai matches in Henan, China in the future. For now Buakaw will appear at events in China without fighting.  Buakaw and his trainer confirmed that his contract ends with K-1 MAX at the nd of the 2009 tournament.  Buakaw has already qualified for this year’s K-1 MAX final and will be fighting to win another K-1 MAX tournament title. Buakaw won his first 2 K-1 MAX tournaments in 2004 and 2006. Notably he defeated Dutch standout Andy Souwer for one of them.

Buakaw with K-1 MAX belt

Buakaw with K-1 MAX belt

Buakaw also apparently wants to move on with his film career.  Buakaw appeared in a Thai. With the increased interest in Thai martial arts films featuring Tony Jaa it would seem Buakaw would be a natural fit.  Buakaw also mentioned that he hoped to participate in fights in Europe following his K-1 MAX career.

Read more about Buakaw and his K-1 MAX activities here.

~ by fatsoking on August 24, 2009.

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