Giorgo Petrosyan Versus Rafik Bakkouri

Giorgio Petrosyan takes on the Contender Asia’s Rafik Bakkouri in the Thai Boxe Abano GP from June 26th, 2008 held at Abano Terme, Italy.

~ by fatsoking on August 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Giorgo Petrosyan Versus Rafik Bakkouri”

  1. Petrosyan once again proves he’s a dominant force! I don’t suppose elbows were allowed in that one…. because from what I remember, Rafik was very slippery/elusive/tricky with his elbow strikes against JWP in contender. Maybe it *could* have been a different story if elbows were allowed? You only need to get cut good once!

  2. Incredible. is great.

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