WCK Muay Thai Card updates

By Mike LNg

As of April 12th, 2010 some last minute substitutions have been made due to injuries and the card line up has changed. Here is the current full card including the amateur bouts.

The substitutions are:

Jemyma Zippora Betrian, who will take place of Petra Janssen Van Doorn; the Dutch Jemyma, who will fight the Christine Toledo for WBC MuayThai International Women’s Flyweight Championship Title, has a pro record of 16 wins, two losses and seven knockouts.

Jack Thames, who substitutes Kwame Stephens and will square off with Craig “The Bullet” Buchanan in a MuayThai SuperFight.

Pro fight alterations:

IKKC Muaythai Heavyweight Pro Superfight: Four Rds.

Ismael Londt  vs.  Kevin Brooks

IKKC Muaythai Welterweight Pro Bout: Four Rds.
Joey Pagliuso vs. Sean Dizay

IKKC Muaythai Middleweight Pro Superfight: Five Rds.
Menno Dijkstra  vs.  Chaz Mulkey

IKKC Muaythai USA Welterweight  Championship: Five Rds.
Scott Leffler  vs.  James Martinez

WBC Muaythai USA Light heavyweight Championship: Five Rds.
Shawn Yarborough   vs.  Tom Munro

WBC Muaythai Int’l Women’s Flyweight Championship: Five Rds.
Christine Toledo  vs.   Jemyma Zippora Betrian

WBC Muaythai Superfight: Four Rds.
Craig Buchanan   vs.   Jack Thames

For alterations to the amateur card please see below:

Amateur Portion of Fightcard:
IAMTF Women’s Lightweight Bout: Three Rds.
Jamie Scolastico  vs.  Melinda Tyler

IAMTF Welterweight Bout: Four  Rds.
Artem Sharoshkin  vs.  Nick Chasteen

IAMTF Heavyweight Bout:  Three Rds.
Sergio Valenzuela  vs.  Andrew Miller

IAMTF Super Welterweight Bout:  Three Rds.
Vadim Goberman  vs.  Matt Church

IAMTF Featherweight Bout:  Three Rds.
Anthony Castejone  vs.  Mike Madrid

IAMTF USA Women’s Super Flyweight Championship:  Five Rds.
Genesis Bravo   vs.  Melanie Edwards

For tickets and accommodation information please visit the official WCK Muay Thai site.

Check out the trailer:

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