Lumpini Park Amid Strife From Protests

By Mike LNg

Lumpini Park

The red shirt protesters defied the Thai government order to stay in the Rajprasong area today and spread out all over the city. A huge crowd gathered at Lumpini Park which was home to the anti-red Pink shirted protesters a few days ago. This move by the red protesters is aimed at testing the limits and the governments patience as the Thai government so far has been unwilling or unable to stop the protesters.
While Rajadamnern Stadium and Muay Thai events were temporarily disrupted it seems that they have no resumed a normal schedule.
It seems the pink shirts have tired of the traffic jams and general chaos the red shirt demonstrators have created and now are protesting for peaceful resolution.

As of April 19, 2010 Hundreds of troops have been deployed on Monday morning on the streets of Silom region, one of Bangkok’s business heartland, local media said.

The Nation newspaper reported that five companies have been deployed in front of the Bangkok Bank head office, where the red- shirt protesters had threatened on Saturday to make a new rally site.

Some of the troops are stationed nearby Lumpini Park and some on the Saladaeng station of the BTS train, the newspaper said.

The red-shirt protesters staying in the Lumpini Park are said to have carried cook gas cylinders with them.

The anti-government red-shirt protesters who have been holding mass rally since March 14 gave up their rally site at the Phan Fah Bridge in a bid to reinforce the Rajprasong intersection base in Bangkok’s commercial hub. Source:

And now some video of coverage of the brave journalist who is there:

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~ by fatsoking on April 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Lumpini Park Amid Strife From Protests”

  1. Thanks mate. Hope that one day Thailand will be a true democracy and that it will develop into a stabil country.

    I have a friend who jogs in Lumpini Park every morning but it’s just one big mess right now.

    Hope it all gets solved without any (-more) violence!

  2. M79 Grenades were used on the general public by red shirts in this area overnight. 75 injured and one dead. The red shirts have been here for weeks, now they’re fortifying their positions cos they know the army is coming in. There was a speech on Thai TV asking groups to leave the area so the army can fix the situation, i give it about a week before the SHTF…

  3. It is just horrible what happens in Thailand I was there two years ago and it was great. So I think this demonstrations have a really bad influence on the economie and especially the tourism.

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