Kedah Cup Lineup 2010 Boasts an International Flavor

By Mike LNg

The Kedah Cup is just 10 days away and the card has been announced. The event will take place over 2 days: May 8th and May 9th. Pretty great looking card with some legends on it!

Kedah Cup poster

The card thus far for May 8th, 2010:

Preliminary Super 4, 51 kg

Firdaus Janai (Boxx Warriors/Malaysia) Vs. Nasrul Lapti (Pendang)

Kholid Sarapan (White Tiger, Kuala Ketil) Vs. Ashraf Saidin (White Dragon, Langkawi)

Super fight

Igor Pidotte Cabritta (Brazil, Boxx Warriors, Malaysia)Vs. Zidov Akuma (Croatia)

Wolrd Muay Thai Council (WMC) Muay Thai Against Drugs title bout

Azhar Zakaria (Langkasuka, SG Petani) Vs. Adam Smith (England)

Super fight

Abbas Ahmadi (Iran, Boxx Warriors) Vs. Hamdan Mohktar (Malaysian Tigers)

Final Super 4

Winner of fight 1 vs. Winner of fight 2

Super fight

Robert Terminator VS. Ying Yai

Kedah Cup lineup

On day two the Kedah Cup continues May 9, 2010 with the following lineup:

Super fight

Alif Sulkifly (Boxx Warriors, Malaysia) Vs. Aziz Pazu (Pendang)

Super 4 Preliminary Bouts 59.5 kg

Sohanne Begana (France) Vs. Q. Ekkasit (Thailand)

Danny ‘Danger’ Taylor (England) Vs. Kudin Raja Jerung (Malaysian Tigers)

Junior Z-1 Championship

Chomkitit Somsawan (Thailand) vs. Ali Shaffie (Boxx Warriors, Malaysia)

Super Fight

Thiago Texeria (Brazil, Boxx Warriors, Malaysia) Vs. Faisal Siku Emas (Malaysian Tigers)

Final Super 4, 59.5 kg

Winner of fight 1 vs. Winner of fight 2

Super Fight

Fasuchon Sit Or (Thailand) vs. Kongdet Kiatpatat (Thailand)

For more details visit the oficial and excellent Boxx Tomoi’s site.

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~ by fatsoking on April 29, 2010.

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