Former Apocalix Associate Speaks Out

By Mike LNg

Alessandro Gotti

As many of you may know by now the Gotti Promotion event Apocalix never happened.  On the eve of the event happening Gotti seemingly disappeared with the sponsor money and fighter purses unaccounted for.  The remainder of the event’s promotional team were left to deal with the aftermath including angry fighters and their teams.

One official statement has coalesced from BMP chief Andrea Scalo who was responsible for PR and public communiques on Gotti’s behalf.  What follows is my attempt at Italian to English translation of Andrea’s statement taken from the Italian martial arts forum:

Hello everyone.
I am writing this time not on behalf of Gotti Promotion but in private after the death of the April 25, 2010  Saturday Palalido, Milan Apocalix event.

Unfortunately, those who were present witnessed an interesting match up coming, at least until the final suspension and cancellation of the last three matches, including that of Khem Sitsongpeenong with Mabel Abdallah because of promoter, Alessandro Gotti.

This is to inform that the undersigned, Andre Scalo and the BMP Promotions are unconnected with the facts that led to the suspension of the evening, as the general organization of Apocalix. The fact is I (or was) an employee of outside professional contract with the task of treating only the relationships with the press, communication and forums on behalf of Gotti Promotion.

For those wishing to address complaints or claims remember that these ticket holders should not in any way contact me nor Tyrine Zannon, personal assistant of Mr. Gotti because we do not have any portfolio of the event and  the receipts already paid to the SIAE are in possession of Gotti Promotion.

We declare any absolute estrangement from the person of Alessandro Gotti, including the holding of regular work of professional collaboration. This includes other things left unpaid (and talk about 5-8 months of work).

For people who bought tickets with PAYPAL it’s the same. The fact that the account used for the presale tickets were made out to me and my company does not count, since it was made available to the Promotion Gotti who had access to the credit and is the holder of the account’s password.

Therefore, please address any request or complaint not to me or to Ms. Zannon but to Alessandro Gotti. If you can, also contact the State Police, the Police Headquarters in Milan is already contacted and was informed of everything.

I’m terribly sorry for what happened but I too am angry and I do not know what else to say.

SKALPO Andrea Scalco

There you have it, the other parties have come forward.  I am interested in anyone representing Gotti Promotion or Gotti himself coming forward and telling their side of the story. For the fighters themselves I feel for all of you taking the time to train hard for this event and to Fabio Pinca for generously granting his time to do an interview. I wish the best for each and everyone of you and your future endeavors.

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~ by fatsoking on April 30, 2010.

7 Responses to “Former Apocalix Associate Speaks Out”

  1. Dear Mike as I have spoken before about what happend there’s really no need for me to comment more. It was horrible I want to forget as soon as possible the fear and bad memories of tha evening. I hope Gotti will find a way to repay evrybody, boxers and collaborators and that this terrible chapter of muay thai history could be soon forgotten. It was my creature and a part of me is gone with it….but I am working againg and hopefully everything will sort itself out. You have been fantastic during all of this period Mike and I am so proud to have you as 1 of my dearest friend. We will keep in touch and work together very soon I can feel it!!
    Kind regards
    Tyrine Zannon

  2. For sure Tyrine you have my support. And I do hope justice is served too.

  3. Apparently people don’t know what’s going on Tyrine so maybe you would like to explain here to:

    Just thought I should let you know.



  4. Tyrine, be strong !

  5. Thank u, thank u all! I now know for sure that the money wasen’t stolen from Gotti cause he left too early to be able to do so, I hope the people who took it, and you know who you are (and I know too), will soon let evrybody know. He might have left but he is not a thief and I am saying this not to defend him but because I hate liars. I also confirm that I am NOT working for Mr Gotti anymore and never will again. Thank you again for all your support, it’s what made me go on.
    Kind Regards.
    Tyrine Zannon

  6. почем нынче реклама на ?

  7. Sie haben einige gute Punkte gibt. Ich habe eine Suche zum Thema und fand die meisten Leute mit einverstanden

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