Ultimate Thai 5 Featuring Kaoklai Vs. Duarte

By Mike LNg

Ultimate Thai 5

Yesterday I reported on what is the apparent demise of the incredible Slamm! series of Muay Thai events. But it looks like there could be a worthy successor to the excellent Slamm series of events on the way up in the form of Ultimate Thai 5.  Shark Events in Paris, France have a pretty insane looking card ready for June 10, 2010. Among the names on the card are Kaoklai, Duarte, Camara and other greats.  Apparently as part of the event the fights may also be a part of a bigger tourney for the MuayThaiTV trophy (this card will be round 3 of the tournament) which I am assuming PPV web carrier muaythaitv.com will be bringing in a shared broadcast. The card will be full Muay Thai rules for 5X3 rounds and as I know it so far is:

Fight 1: 66.6kg

Sofiane Derdega Vs. Herbert Womaleu

Fight 2:  66.6 kg

Raouf Beliouze Vs. Ibraham Chiahou

Fight 3: 66.6kg

Oliver Tchetche  Vs. Thomas Adamandapolous

Fight 4: 66.6kg

Boubacar Konta Vs. Amar Lounas

Fight 5: 66.6kg

Mamadou Diabira Vs. TBA

Fight 6: Weight not yet announced

Aurelien Duarte Vs. Kaoklai Kaenorsing

Fight 7: Weight not yet announced

Pascal LeFleur Vs. TBA

Fight 8: Weight not yet announced

Gregory Choplin Vs. Jonathan Camara

Headlining the main card will be Aurelien Duarte and Kaoklai Kaenorsing.  Aurelien is a fighter who has complied a record of  more than 100 fights in Muay Thai and kick boxing. Duarte has amassed a very impressive record including becoming a seven time champion of the world and 3 time champion of Europe.  Duarte has mostly been campaigning at about 176lbs/80kg.

Kaokali is best known internationally for his K-1 fights in which he was able to beat much bigger opponents such as Alexei Ignashov and even knocking out Mighty Mo with a flying round kick.  Kaoklai has fought as large as crusier weight and heavy weight in Muay Thai so I am very curious what weight the two meet at. Alos of note is the age difference between the two with Duarte nearing the late 30s and Kaoklai relatively young for a ring fighter is in his late 20s.

With little additional hype I can tell you the rest of the card is equally impressive and its a virtual who’s who of France’s best nak muay.

Those of you lucky enough to witness the card live can get tickets at http://www.francebillet.com. Tickets seem relatively inexpensive with a starting cost of 20 EU all the way up to 50 EU. But those of who cannot see in person can still see it live at muaythaitv.com for about 9 Eu. Personally speaking I haven’t always had the best of luck with live web pay-per-views but I haven’t had as bad of an experience as I have 2x with the Jamacia fiasco. That said this is the 5th in the Ultimate Thai series so its an experienced promoter and muaythaitv.com has done some ppvs I happily purchased and was always very glad I did from them. I’m going to give it a try and I expect it to be as competitive and high quality card as it looks.

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~ by fatsoking on May 13, 2010.

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