Jean Claude Van Damme’s Reality TV Debut Has a Home

By Mike LNg

Van Damme and Somluck Kamsing at a press conference

A while back I brought up the reportedly done deal between Jean Claude Van Damme and Somluck Kamsing to meet and fight under modified Muay Thai rules.  Van Damme went as far as to officially confirm the upcoming fight as a reality that is set to coalesce October 2010.  The rules stipulate no elbows and 2 minute rounds instead of the usual  3 minute rounds. To hype the fight and no doubt generate more income Van Damme also mentioned plans for a reality show in a press conference. The press conference held by Van Damme would confirm Van Damme’s training efforts have already started in preparation for his bout with Somluck.

It looks like the United Kingdom’s I TV has agreed to develop the reality show in association with Van Damme. Van Damme said at the moment he is deciding which of his family members will appear on the show. I TV is the biggest commercial television network in the UK. The ITV Network is made up of 15 regional licences, providing television to viewers across the UK. No word has come out on the availability of international broadcasts of the Van Damme Reality television program yet. Also no details were available on when the show will even begin broadcasting at this time.

Van Damme is an action film actor known for his Hollywood blockbuster films like Time Cop, Blood Sport and Kickboxer. Somluck Kamsing is known for his many Muay Thai fights and for capturing a gold medal for Thailand in international boxing. Somluck to the present still occasionally fights in Muay Thai matches.

Digital Spy reported on this topic with some interesting quotes from an un-named insider.

It should prove interesting to see how serious the training is and what kind of work out regimen a 50-year old Hollywood actor can muster up for a real fight. I’ll follow this up until the fight happens if it indeed does. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice info. I would love to see them working together.

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