AMAT Born Out of the Ashes of MuayThai Association

By Mike LNg

Amateur Muay Thai

Details regarding the court ordered dissolution of the old Muay Thai Association are beginning to emerge as accurately guessed the fight for changing Muay Thai to a single word and watering down Muay Thai’s national origins continue in an attempt to make Muay Thai an Olympic sport.

Sakchai Tapsuwan, the president of Amateur Muaythai Association (and former Secretary General of the World Muay Thai Council) has renewed his respective organization’s push for Muay Thai as Olympic event. I reported early on the 5 year long enduring court battle finally coming to an end with IFMA being the sole authority. However the fallout of the decision is still in process. Santipab Intharaphat president of Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand recently announced that long outstanding payment due will be made to all boxers before dissolving Muaythai Association of Thailand.

The Thai Supreme Administrative court accepted only Amateur Muaythai Association because it has been approved legally by Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT). The association still has many missions to complete.

  • It has to issue the regulation for arranging a competition, 39th national sport, “Chonburi Games”, at Chonburi province schedulded for Decemeber 9-19, 2010Previously, the association has never received any budget from SAT in the past five years. He will discuss with financial department of SAT again whether they can pay for retrospective expenses.
  • In addition, the association has to send competitors to the  Asian Boxing Championship in Uzbekistan on June 25-30, 2010. After that, a big squad of boxers will be sent to compete in “1st Sports Accord Combat Games” or “World Martial Art Games” in Beijing, China on August 27 to Spetemeber 5.
  • There are 3 Thailand Muay Thai competition programs including: “Prince’s Cup” in July, “Queen’s Cup” in August, and The battle of 100 nations and 100 hearts for the King on November 27 to December 5th at The Mall Bangkapi. The final match will be arranged greatly at Sanamluang on Father’s Day.

Lastly, Mr.Sakchai told about another important plan of the association. That was creating “Road Map” in order to push Muaythai towards Olympic Games. Initially, it has to be registered as a member of Olympic Commission of Thailand. Formerly, Muaythai Association of Thailand, led by Mr.Santipab, was a member. Plans will still proceed through with the newly formed MuayThai Association as confirmed  by General Jaruek Ariratchakarn.

Santipab Intharapat, president of the soon to be dissolved MuayThai Association addressed some of the accusations levelled at him in the long court battle.

  • About taking 50% share from sportsmen Santipab said: he was not involved in this point. It was an agreement between coaches and boxers. Moreover, the coaches did not compel boxers to share the money. They share willingly.
  • Hiring a coach without background, or is called “Ghost Coach”, this case was not possible. However, he hired female coach to take care of sportswomen because she can understand women more than male coach can. In addition, such female coach has been working with the association for more than 10 years. She has been trained by Asian Boxing Federation many times. She surely has experience and is familiar with boxing society.
  • About allowance that sportsmen and coaches have not received, he accepted that was true. However, he have not withdrawn total amount of money from Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) yet but he gradually paid for coaches and sportsmen. In calculation, the debt is not very much.

Due to this, Mr.Santipab asked 9 sportsmen and coaches, who complained the association, to take remaining compensation at the association’s office at national stadium within 15 June. Mr.Sakon Wannaphong, the director of sport development department of SAT, will be a witness. He confirmed that he owed sportsmen and coaches for about two hundred thousand Baht. However, there is no need to hand in front of mass media because he has been judged too much already.

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