Movies, Schedules and Hype for Van Damme and Somluck

By Mike LNg

Not sure what this pose signifies but it seems appropriate

As many of you know Jean Claude van Damme has done press at the Cannes film festival detailing his plans for a reality TV show chronicling his training for his bout with Somluck tentatively scheduled for October 2010.  While much is well known About Van Damme’s film career its not as well known internationally that like Van Damme, Sonluck Kamsing is a film star as well in his native Thailand. He even briefly appeared as a fighter who challenges Jet Li’s character in Fearless.  The international cut would have this scene excised from the final version but the Thai version includes Kamsing’s scene.

Apparently during the Cannes’ film press conference Van Damme upset more than one member of the press by basically locking them after their screening of his upcoming film “Eagle Path” which is likely destined for a DVD only release.  After the doors were locked Van Damme launched into basically a mini press event for his upcoming reality televsion program chronicling his training cycle for his bout with Somluck under highly modified rules.

To my opinon these antics only create more questions about how seriously Van Damme is taking his training and preparation for this proposed bout.  Somluck even between films is known to throw out the occasional one-sided beating on his various return forays into the ring for Muay Thai.  More watching and waiting until the reality televison show debuts.

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~ by fatsoking on June 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Movies, Schedules and Hype for Van Damme and Somluck”

  1. Hey Mike, Jake from the mmt board.

    i cannot wait for this fight to happen. my opinion of van damme changed when i brought myself to purchase (and watch in it’s entirety) his movie JCVD. kinda made him likable, ‘kinda’ being the operative word.

    I hope Somluck takes it easy on him and just makes him look silly with some flashy business. no need for either of these guys to leave with massive injuries, haha.

    excellent site by the way brother!

  2. Hi Jake how are you? JCVD did seem to earn Van Damme much good will but this latest iteration just makes me go :hmm, really?”

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