Buakaw Versus Xu Yan Video

By Mike LNg

Buakaw Por Pramuk

Looks like some video footage has finally surfaced with Buakaw from Wu Lin Feng.  Xu Yan is 1-1 in K-1 MAX and Buakaw himself is no stranger to Sanda rules matches. A younger Buakaw dealt a devastating beatdown in the Sanda police versus Muay Thai event from 2002.

Here’s the complete fight with Buakaw Vs. Xu Yan.

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~ by fatsoking on June 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Buakaw Versus Xu Yan Video”

  1. the vedio is spoiler version ?

    In China, the youtube and your blog was blocked. ^|^!

    The WulinFeng is a TV Show , not a serious professional unarmed combat . Since 2009 , WuLinFeng changed its rules from Sanda to K-1 Like .

    The 6.19 fights ,used Muaythai rules.

    The match (Buakaw vs Xu Yan) was focus before, but it seemd so bored . I think Buakaw did not want to KO Xu Yan ,cos his Gym want to save the face of Chinese people.(In 2009, Por.Pramuk had his first branch in China )

  2. wow was that music really playing the entire fight? i went to a fight and a european dance party broke out.

    ps: those whistles = world cup vuvuzela background noise

  3. the offical version is more noisy .


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