WBC World Titles in China in August!

By Mike LNg

Kaoklai front and center for the WBC Muay Thai press conference

The WBC Muaythai is making continuing in-roads into China.  Dennis Warner is again involved in bringing two WBC Muay Thai world championship match ups to Haikou City in Hainan, China. For the Chinese side of the promotion Jianjun (Tony) Chen is also involved for the August 21st, 2010 card.

What is known about the coming card thus far is:

Female lightweight championship
Miriam Nakamoto (USA) vs Claire Haigh (Luxemburg)

Men’s lightweight championship
Hiromasa Masuda (Japan) vs Jaroenchai Oaddonmuang (Thailand)


Kaoklai Kaennorsingh, WBC Light Heavyweight World Champion.

Miriam Nakamoto’s fan base is already strong in China and will likely continue to grow if she proves successful in her bout against Haigh. Its not yet certain if Kaoklai will be staking his title in August or if this will become a non-title bout. Kaoklai’s opponent for August is as yet unknown. As always, as details become known I will share them.

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~ by fatsoking on July 26, 2010.

One Response to “WBC World Titles in China in August!”

  1. nice to see kaoklai still making moves. i see dennis’ fat ass in the backround.

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