England Versus Holland Trailer Released

By Mike LNg

Top King MTEC

When equipment manufacturers promote would almost be as appropriate of a title for this event. Narit Wongprasertkan maker of the popular King combat sports equipment company launched Top King in 2009 and have since become renown for their quality equipment.  Personally I’d say its comparable to old Twins stuff.  BackStreet Brawler from the UK is quickly becoming a rising name in Muay Thai equipment as well.  Together they are bringing the October 2nd, 2010 England Versus Holland card.

The card is widely being advertised as possibly the biggest United Kingdom Muay Thai event ever.

Headlining the event will be Jordan Watson who recently fought Buakaw Por Pramuk at the UK MSA event. Jordan is definitely a rising name in UK Muay Thai despite losing that match he acquitted himself more than adequately in my humble opinion.

The rest of the card features the following matches thus far:

Luke Turner (UK) Vs. Delon Carhillo (NL) for Backstreet Brawler Top King World Title

Kristoffer Addis (UK) Vs. Rdoine Koubini (NL) for Backstreet Brawler Top King European Title

John Dennis (UK) Vs. Carl Copestake (UK) for Backstreet Brawler Top King British Title

Jonno Chipchase (UK) Vs. Dave V Duyn (NL) for Backstreet Brawler Top King European Title

All fights are sanctioned by the World Muay Thai Professional Federation (WPMF).

While Holland is these days better known for kickboxing stars and K-1 names. Some of the bigger farang names in Muay Thai are from Holland such as the obvious Ramon Dekkers and Rayen Simson.

If nothing else I have to say the promo art work is some of the sharpest I’ve ever seen in recent memory.  If the fights live up the artwork on the posters it’s going to be a very memorable night October 2nd, 2010. It’s a bit early to say one way or another but so far the hype is working on me.  I’m excited for this event.

And now the trailer for the event.

For more information on the event and ticket purchasing information see the promotional official site.

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4 Responses to “England Versus Holland Trailer Released”

  1. Thanks for Post nice to see all our hard work is paying off wait till you see the Team England video which will be up shortly. Backstreet Brawler Promotions Ltd is what we do and the people behind Revenge or Repeat in 2009 the big rematch between David and Dzhabar from the TV series The Contenders. And as for top king we have team up with them because they have the same value and beliefs as us…Keeping Muay traditional and taking the sport forward and promoting the rising stars for there skill and not if they are a good ticket seller or not. Yours in Muay Thai Damien

    • Well to be fair I understand the business/sport balance is a hard one to maintain. But best of luck with the show. The world will definitely be watching.

    • Many thanks for your comments, Top King and Backstreet Brawler are working very closely on this venture with the aim to produce quality shows that can promote Muay Thai in a positive and traditional way. Here at Top King it is our aim to keep the spirit of true Muay Thai alive for the up and coming generations to enjoy and to produce the very best equipment. We look forward to seeing you all at the show…

  2. Team England Trailer released

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