National Muay Thai Titles in California

By Mike LNg

It looks like the WBC Muay Thai is keeping a reasonably busy schedule ahead of them for the 2nd half of 2010.

National WBC titles

Standup promotions this time is coming with a new offering featuring Phunawat ‘Sugar Cane Coke’ Chunawat fighting for a WBC National Title against Toronto, Ontario Canada’s Matt Embree. I am not sure at what weight this title is going to be contested for by I know in the past Matt Embree fought as low as 126lbs though he is quite tall for his weight. Coke in his last WBC title bout was noticeably smaller than his opponents in past fights. So this would will be interesting in size and style matchups again. Also is this the lowest weight a main event Muay Thai card has ever hosted in the United States?

Joe Schilling will take on Ryan Roy. Also three other MTAA titles will be fought for.  Shane Oblonsky will fight Anthony McDavitt. Ozzy Venegas who recently fought for an IAMTF title will be matched against Bounthong Syvanthong, and Ryan Ratcliff will fight Jesse Magusen.

The rest of this card is on the poster. Click the poster for a bigger version of the image.

The event will be held at the El Monte Expo Center in El Monte, California. And the rest of the details at the bottom of the poster are as follows:

When:  Sunday, September 5, 2010 at 4PM
Where: El Monte Convention Center, 12051 Garvey Ave., El Monte, CA 91732
Tickets and Information: 818-980-6688

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~ by fatsoking on August 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “National Muay Thai Titles in California”

  1. The return of Joe Schilling and Ozzy Sityodtong ! AKA INTENSE !!!!!

  2. Gonna be a great fight for Embree…. is he still fighting in Thailand or is he back in Canada again?

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