Payback 2 Full Card

By Mike LNg

Payback Time 2

The full Payback Time 2 card for October 17, 2010 has been revealed.  And it looks like many titles are staked under the WKA.  This is a very marked change from the typical WMC sanctioning done in the past with Australia.  But the show will go on despite some shakeups in Australia’s Muay Thai community. The full fight card is as follows:

WKA Australia

E.Diamondstein(VIC) 76kg 5×2 KB Vs.Maseh Nuristani (VIC)

WKA Victoria

Daniel Picolotto (VIC) 90kg 5×2 FT Vs. Son Folino (VIC)

Australian Title

Aaron Goodson (VIC) 74kg 5×2 KB Vs. TBA

WKA Australia Title

Chris Horne (VIC) 66.5kg 5×2 FT vs. Rahulla Payakari (VIC)

WKA Australia Title

Kevin Maneiz (VIC) 70kg 5×2 FT vs.Sam Edney (VIC)

WKA Victoria Title

Jared Grigor (VIC) 72.5kg 5×3 FT Vs. Daniel Smyrk (VIC)

Tentatively WKA world title

Yodsaenklai Fairtex (THAILAND) 72.5kg 5×3 FT vs. John Wayne Parr (QLD)

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