Fight Sport 8- Man Trailer Released

By Mike LNg

Fight Sport 8-Man Tournament Lineup

The UK is as always a very busy place for Muay Thai.  If you didn’t already know Dan Green is the man behind many spectacular cards in the past brought to you with MSA and also his own Dan green promotions of the past. To my knowledge this is the first time Dan has ever ventured into a tournament style fight card.  Should prove interesting. I reported on the full card here.  There are some decent matchups that could occur here especially given the level of talent on this card. It makes me pleased that despite MMA making steady in-roads into England they sure haven’t forgotten how to do some pleasing Muay Thai events.

Unlike a lot of 8-man tournaments of this nature this one is being conducted under full Muay Thai rules!

And now the trailer for the event:

For ticket information head to the official Fight Sport Industries website.

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~ by fatsoking on August 10, 2010.

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