More WMC Communiques with John Cockburn

By Mike LNg

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More WMC mails have appeared on the web and I am sharing them here so that those questioning which parties’ loyalties lie with whom and perhaps a more definitive answer to what started some of the ongoing issues. As of this date there are approximately 5 remaining members in Muay Thai Austraalia with likely more defections set to happen. There are some very serious topics being discussed here including perhaps unauthorized use of signatures on file being approached. Also strange is Stephan Fox’s direct references to organized crime cartels.

The first mail that got the ball rolling from John Cockburn:

Have a read of the below
I am not exactly sure what Stefan is driving at. I think he is driving at is that unless athletes based in Thailand are part of us ( and no doubt going to WMC events) then the various embassies based in Thailand will not grant vizas to their home countries to let the athletes out to compete. I have not thought it through but it seems to me that this may be bad in law as a concept
He wants our letterhead on file for him to use for;
1. Aussie athletes in Thailand then travelling to other countries?
2. Overseas athletes coming to Australia?
This raises issues to my mind that the nature of the relationship of the Federation to the WMC needs to be squarely addressed. I am not sure if I sent to you some earlier communication from Stefan where he says that the national federations are not members of the WMC. I should say that neither he or Dr Sakchye are able to or willing to produce a copy of the WMC Constitution ( not IFMA). Many others are very concerned that this is somehow a frolic by Stefan so he can deal with promoters that are at odds with the nfs – certainly the timing of such corresponded with like difficulties.
I will call to have a chat if that is ok
regards John

The following is Fox’s response:

Stephan Fox

> John, I told the girls not to reply to your email. I will let it go and they
> will, too. Again, you worded this like a lawyer “somehow offended you”.
> That’s not much of an apology. Let me give you an example of how I would
> have worded this.
> Hi Girls,
> I know there has been a lot of tension between the IFMA international office
> and myself. I was under a lot of pressure before the Arafura Games. Maybe
> things could have been handled differently. This is due to some
> misunderstandings. on the organisational side. I’ve had my differences with
> Stephan and also Dr. Sakchye. We are working on sorting this out for the
> future of our organisation. In the future, if something like this happens
> again. I hope we an just pick up the telephone and talk to each other and
> work it out as a team. I look forward to seeing your girls at the World
> Championships. I promise to bring some Australian chocolate.
> A letter as simple as this would give you the respect. I apologise at least
> once a week to make up for my bad temper and manners with a nice lunch to
> keep the troops moving forward. When you learn to do this then you can
> manage all the different personalities involved in our sport because one
> minute you have to sit with the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and the next
> minute with the head of the Yakuza or Hell’s Angels. Both of them must get
> your attention and respect. Anyway, I will leave it at this and I hope there
> is hope.
> Stephan

> Subject: RE: 2009 IFMA World Championships – RSVP 9 July
> Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 05:11:32 +0000
> .
> Dear Natalie and Charissa
> Stefan has informed me you are uposet with me. I am sorry this is the case
> and apologise if I have somehow offended you.
> Hopefully we can move forward together in the best interests of the sport.
> Regards John Cockburn

Accusations have now gone out that Cockburn was fired and did not resign as has been announced.  Ironically now there has also been allegations against John Cockburn for being dictatorial though it seems all parties agree that he conducted business with in normal acceptable protocol and within legal definitions.  I will keep updating Cockburn’s parting of ways with WMC as details become available.

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7 Responses to “More WMC Communiques with John Cockburn”

  1. Wow this was abit of a flooring… You have to sit with the heads of the Yakuza or the Hells Angels because they’re personalities in the sport of Muay Thai? What a strange, strange thing to say…

  2. Keep this in mind “There will always be 2 sides to a story”. Don’t believe everything you read because you will never get the other side of the story from this source.

    • If you can add to it please do.

    • There may be 2 sides to every story but this is in an email Mr. Fox wrote himself. It’s not good publicity for a sport trying to enter the mainstream or become more popluar when a public figurehead is saying he spends some of his time associating with criminal groups whether he is one of them or not. It’s also not necessary to deal with all members of society if you don’t wish to, alot of martial arts will NOT EVER assoiciate with criminal organisations or be seen to associate with them.

  3. Oh by the way I also have to deal with certain members of society that may not be very nice people but does that make me one of them? I know I am not but I also know that in some countries, this sport of ours attract some very unsavory characters.

  4. That’s common logic so what’s your point?

    This blog is ONLY about promoting the art we love. I know Mike personally and I can tell you this: He has credibility which a lot of promoters, sanctioning bodies and agents in Muaythai lack unfortunately.

    On my path to show the fans of the sport what the WMC has developed into (an organisation claiming to try to better our sport, making it main stream) I get so many e-mails from promoters, managers, fighters and fans who have had bad experiences with the WMC and in particular Mr. Stephan Fox that I know I’m in doing the right thing.

    You might ask yourself why it’s only a few people being vocal about ALL the wrong doings of the WMC and to that there is a simple answer: Our sport is still so obscure that you NEED to stay on the good side of everybody involved if you want a part – if you want to be paid as a photographer, a journalist, a manager, a promoter, a fighter etc. etc. etc.

    • Pretty much thats it. There’s only 2 ways to look at it: either every complaint about WMC and Fox is wrong or the WMC and Fox are really in the wrong. I can say without my solicitation two parties from Europe and Australia have contacted me independent form each other and without my initiative.

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