Muay Thai Preservation Benefit Dinner

By Mike LNg

Muay Thai Preservation Benefit Dinner

I just got this notice from John representing Muay Thai Preservation Orgnaization.  A little note John, you need to fix your DNS since no one can email you back. Any how this is a new non-profit organization.  Muay Thai is the core of what the charity is about.  And it’s so new that they don’t have any listing of programs quite yet. John and his project have been vouched for by one of my link partners otherwise I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it all.

Here’s what John has to say about his own organization:

It has been a great privilege and honor to be part of such an amazing sport and way of life. For the past six years, Muaythai has been my teacher. It has taught me more about myself than any book or person could ever do. The lessons I have learned from Muaythai have guided me through both the darkest and the brightest moments of my life. It has revealed to me a side of myself that I never knew existed. Muaythai has forced me to grow as a person, all the while not recognizing this growth, until one day waking up and realizing that without it, I would be nothing.

For when I speak of Muaythai, I am not merely referring to the sport alone. When I speak of Muaythai I am referring to the whole: the people that have touched my life and the places that have left an everlasting impression upon my soul. It is the students I teach, the teachers I learn from, and the masters who taught them. It is both the time spent in front of the pads as well as the time spent behind them. It is the conversations held at gyms far across the world between two people who would otherwise barely understand each other, but where language barriers are broken down because of one common sentiment, the love of Muaythai.

It is because of these notions and countless others that I feel a strong passion to give back. That passion, along with the passion that resides in the hearts of the cofounders of this organization, has helped turn an idea into an action. And through our action it is our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate, all while preserving an art that has made a positive impact on us.

We are a NJ State Non-profit Organization. Our mission at Muaythai Preservation Project is to make a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate, primarily through volunteer services, fundraising, charity events, and community programs that offer Muaythai as the path to self-improvement.

If you would like to contribute in any way please email me at:

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