Asian Games Features Top Thaiboxers to Participate

By Mike LNg

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Much like last year’s Asian Games Thailand will be sending along top international Muay Thai stars of Thailand. Last time around Thailand sent along Anuwat Kaewsamrit along with other top tier current Thaiboxers. My guess is there has to be some rationalization that though there really is no amateur program for fight sports in Thailand (except international boxing) the Thai team could be considered complete amateurs at Wushu. That being said it didn’t prevent Anuwat from putting on some pretty crushing KOs and TKOs on his international opponents. And in my opinion it serves to only undermine the ‘amateur’ portion of this competition in much the same way as NBA stars in Olympic basketball do.

The Thaiboxers selected to go to the Asian Games this time around include Khwanyuen Chantra or Wuthidet Lukphrabaht, who was assigned to fight in 56 kg limitation, Suphachai Laorueng or Yod Tuanthong Weeramanokul, with qualification of golden medal from world championship 2008 as Thai national amateur boxing team, a gold medal holder from the Thai army amateur international-style boxing competition 2009, a Bangkok marathon boxing competition in 60 kg limitation, and champion of 19th Isuzu Cup 2008 (128 pounds limitation), will compete in 60 kg limitation.

Naraong Thongchai or Lakhin Sakjawee, former Thai boxer, who turned to be a professional Wushu fighter, will fight in 65 kg limitation. Arthit Srisomboon or Nueng Jakrawan Aor Srisomboon, with qualification of golden medal from amateur Muaythai competition, 35th national sports in Suphanburi and 36th national sports in Ratchaburi, recent golden medal from army amateur international-style boxing competition 2009 in 69 kg limitation, was assigned to fight in 70 kg limitation.

Police lieutenant colonel Cherdsak Chaleaosin, Thai trainer, revealed to the correspondent that after all sportsmen have been chosen, he would lead them to train rigorously in Suphanburi.


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2 Responses to “Asian Games Features Top Thaiboxers to Participate”

  1. Isn’t this supposed to be Thailand’s model for the Olympics? If so, nobody would have a chance against the pro Thai’s…

    Also, isn’t the event sanctioned by IFMA???? Doesn’t that “A” stand for “Amateur????”

    This inconsistancy just further confimrs that Muay Thai is not going to make it to the Olympics in the foreseeable future.

    • It does indeed. but I am of the opinon even had the IFMA genuinely represented only amateurs I don’t see how IOC inclusion helps Muay Thai at all. And everyone knows in Thailand there is no such thing as an amateur nakmuay.

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