Thai Fight First Round Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Thai Fight

The first round of Thai Fight is done and 16 men have now been reduced to 8.

Thai Fight Tournament Fight 1

Jason Lea VS Youssef Boughanem
Youssef Boughanem WIN Decision

Thai Fight Tournament Fight 2

Liam Harrison VS Behzan Rafighdoust
Liam Harrison WIN TKO Round 2

Thai Fight Tournament Fight 3

Fabio Pinca VS Sharos Huyer
Fabio Pinca WIN KO Round 1

Thai Fight Tournament Fight 4

Rafi Zouheir VS Bartosz Koscielniak
Rafi Zouheir WIN Decision

Thai Fight Tournament Fight 5

Petchmonkong Petchfocus VS Zhou Hongzhang
Petchmongkong Petchfocus WIN KO Round 1

Thai Fight Tournament Fight 6

Vitaly Hurkov VS Jong Hyun Ko
Vitaly Hurkov WIN KO Round 3

Thai Fight Tournament Fight 7

Fikri Arican VS Soishiro MIYAKOSHI
Soishiro Miyakoshi WIN Decision

Thai Fight Tournament Fight 8

Anthony Kane VS Salahdine Ait Naceur
Anthony Kane WIN Decision

Pretty crazy to see the number of knockouts this early on the Thai Fight tournament has already produced.  I like the way the 2nd round of Thai Fight is looking already.

~ by fatsoking on August 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “Thai Fight First Round Quick Results”

  1. YES. liam looks hilarious in the banner. I would love to see fabio and liam meet. what a showdown.

  2. This promotion should be renamed “fuck you K-1 we can rent big screens too” or, “15 guys we know won’t beat our current Isuzu champion”

    Liam and the Spaniard were the highlights for the non-thai group.

    that Iranian guy sure does cry easy.

  3. K-1 I think is seriously on life support now.

  4. is there any footage of these fights?

  5. fuckin referi gurkov won thai fighter

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