Kyshenko Vs. Terapong Dee at Sport Accord

By Mike LNg

Artur Kyshenko

Some video footage of the semifinals of Sport Accord’s Muay Thai semi-finals have started to emerge. K-1 MAX standout Artur Kyshenko’s fight last night at the SportAccord Combat Games 2010 in Beijing is here. This bout was for the semi-final in the 71kg division in Muay Thai. In essence it’s Muay Thai rules with headgear, body, shin and foot pads. There has been some speculation that the decision as unfair even this early on.  So thankfully with some video being released on youtube you can decide for yourself. I don’t know if the change in rules from K-1 MAX had much to do with it or Kyshenko gave  Terapong too much respect but he definitely seems a bit our of his element. The fight video is towards the end of round 2 but the rest of the fight is complete.

The video starts towards the end of round 2, and is complete from there.

~ by fatsoking on September 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Kyshenko Vs. Terapong Dee at Sport Accord”

  1. Yup. Kyshenko was a little out of his element. Teerapong was much faster and his attacks and timing was that common of good muay thai fighters – much more complex than K1 fighters. Kyshenko’s recent experience is that of K1 rules. This footage is great because its representative of how a good K1 fighter performs against a good Thai fighter in full Muay Thai rules as opposed to watered-down K1 rules…

  2. Kyeshenko lost every round by far and even got KD in round 3… Accumulation of kicks put the Thai way ahead.

  3. Have you guys seen this Kyshenko fight?

    Pretty awesome.

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