Evolution 22: the Return of Carnage Corbett

By Mike LNg

Evolution 22 poster

With much apparent anticipation Nathan “Carnage” Corbett will be making a return to the gold coast of Australia. Queensland has become the de facto capital of Muay Thai’s busy Australian circuit. Corbett has now fully grown into his new weight at heavyweight and now seems focused on fighting and winning championships. Corbett has previously campaigned at cruiserweight and his pretty much cleaned the division out by fighting and beating such notables as Kaoklai Kaennorsing, Clifton Brown, and Emmanel Payet among a long list of names he’s fought and beaten.

Recently, Corbett beat his first opponent under full rules Muay Thai at heavyweight Pavel Zhuravlylov of the Ukraine for the inaugural World Kickboxing Network (WKN) Australia independent sanction. Corbett would end up stopping Zhuravlylov by knock out during the 4th round. Corbett now would seem poised to make his name at heavy weight under full rules Muay thai though there had been rumors circulating about his possible participation in future K-1 events though it would seem all but a moot point with K-1 not paying many non-Japanese fighters.

Frankie Munoz

Corbett’s opponent will be Spain’s Frankie Munoz.  Munoz is now training at the famed Chakuriki gym in Holland under the tutelage of Thom Harinck. Harinck is best known for his prize student and former K-1 Grand Prix king, Peter Aerts. Chakuriki is now also the home of K-1 stars such as Jerome LeBanner recent winner of the World Professional Muay Thai Federation’s (WPMF) heavyweight Muay Thai title over Tomas Novack. And K-1 stalwart Hesdy Gerges also claims Chakuriki as training home base.

Also on the card is Eli “Mad Dog” Madigan and Bruce “Preacher” MacFie.  Matchups are still being made at the time of this writing and notably the WMC logo which is typically brandished prominently is absent from this poster. Whether this means that Evolution has elected to go with another independent sanction or not cannot be said. I will report on the card as it develops but early on it looks like the main event and what could become the rest of the card looks very promising.

~ by fatsoking on November 1, 2010.

One Response to “Evolution 22: the Return of Carnage Corbett”

  1. It took corbett 1 1/2 rounds to win & Steve mckinnon only 10 seconds, how does corbett feel about that ??? i hope your ready Corbett… LMFAO

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