Super Showdown Scotland November 10th, 2012

By Mike LNg

Saenchai vs. Pakorn

Truth in advertising is as rare a thing as it gets. But just an initial look at Super Showdown’s main event seems to confirm that while indeed rare it’s true of this coming card from Scotland. The United Kingdom and the nations around it remains a fertile and active proving ground for Muay Thai.

The main event features none other than Saenchai, the widely acknowledged pound for pound best of Muay Thai. Saenchai gained his reputation in the stadiums of Thailand fighting and beating opponents and often giving the weight difference and still getting the wins. Saenchai now fighting more internationally is continuing to cement his reputation with solid wins and a recent KO of Chinese opponent, Chao Li Dao via elbow strike.

Pakorn Sakyothin is a different story. Pakorn gained contendership status in the stadiums of Thailand by fighting and  beating the very highly regarded Pornsaneh Sitmonchai back in 2010. Pakorn as of August was ranked number in Rajadamnern stadium at 130 lbs. weight limit of lightweight as of August 2012. Pakorn brings a compact and conservative style backed by his incredible toughness. His game is less a fast break game than Saenchai and instead he prefers sharp counters.  No title from any independent sanction is on the line nor is it really needed. Yes that is a truly world class main event. Promoters’ should really take note from this main event. Meaningful fights sometimes have a lot more to do with who’s fighting than the piece of jewelry on the line.


Official contract signing

Yokkao Promotions released a bit of the spoiler of the main event by releasing the above photo of the contract signing between Saenchai and Pakorn. So, spoiler aside it’s confirmed Super Showdown is bringing as exciting and well matched of a main event any Muay Thai card could possible hope for.

The supporting card has some UK titles up for grabs as well with a solid looking card.

The coming card for the November 10th Super Showdown is as follows as of this writing:

Saenchai MuayThaiGym vs. Pakorn Sakyothin, 63kg A

Supporting Fight Card

UKMF British Title

Joanne Calderwood (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Iman Barlow (Assassins), 54kg A Class

WMC Mad Prestige Title

Keith McLachlan (Eclipse Muay Thai) vs. Carl Copestake (K-Star), 59kg A Class

Stevie Brown (Wossobama) vs. Darren O’Connor (TMAS), 61.5kg A Class

Gordon Smith (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Salah Abdelsalam (Minotaurs), 68kg A Class

Alan Weaver (North Ayrshire Muay Thai) vs. Willie Murphy (Siam Warriors, Ireland), 57kgs A Class

Mescho Dunko (M-Mag Fight Team) vs. Paul Norton (Chupasart, Ireland), 68kgs A Class

Ally Smith (Wossobama) vs. Euan Irvine (Fighting Fit), 75kgs A Class

Timucin Yildirim (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Allan Strachan (AMAG), 71.5kgs A Class

Davie Bowie (Wossobama) vs. Mike Edwards (Hanuman), 67kgs A Class

Derek Strain (Douglas Muay Thai) vs. Mitch Flett (Sit Rung Thai), 78kgs B Class

Colin Murphy (North Ayrshire Muay Thai) vs. Ste Foy (Fortitudo), 59kgs B Class

Roan Morrison (Hanuman) vs. Piotr Arcimowicz (Chupasart), 83kgs B Class

UKMF British Junior Title

Brad Newlands (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Bailey Roberts (Bad Company), 56kgs Junior
Event and ticket information is available on the official Super Showdown site.

No promotional clips have been released yet that I know of but you can enjoy the bout between Pakorn Sakyothin and Pornsanaeh Sitmonchai below:

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