Lumpini Kerkkrai Results of September 3rd, 2010

By Mike LNg

Lumpinee Kerkrai

In what looks like somewhat of a tough night for promoter Kiatpetch’s camp the results are in for Lumpinee Kerkkrai 2010.

Muangtai Sor.Boonyeam vs.-Kataphet Sor.Suradet at 100 lbs. Kataphet Sor. Suradet wins via TKO in the 5th round.

Baggo Kiatchuthai vs. Eksung Kor.Rungtankiat at 140lbs. Baggo Kiatchuthai wins via points.

Tukkatatong Phetpayatai vs. Noppakrit Namplatahoymook at 128 lbs. Noppakrit Namplatahoymook wins via points.

Nuangthep Eminentair vs. Ponsawan Lookpabath at 115 lbs. Nuangthep Eminentair wins via points.

Seksan Or.Kwanmuang vs. Ritidet Wor.Wanthavee at 125 lbs. Seksan Or.Kwanmuang wins via points.

Phettavee Sor.Kitichai vs. Farmai Skindewgym 125 lbs.  Phettavee Sor.Kitichai wins via points.

Pakon Sakyotin vs. Sitisak Siangsimeawgym at 129lbs. Pakon Sakyotin wins via points.

In the main event Phetboonchu F.A.Group vs. Saketdao Phetpayatai at 130 lbs.  Phetboonchu F.A.Group wins via points.

~ by fatsoking on September 6, 2010.

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