Evolution 21 Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Evolution 21

Main Event

John Wayne Parr VS Bruce “Preacher” Macfie 72.5Kg

Macfie wins on points

Semi Main event

Robbie Filliponi VS Frank Giorgi 71.5Kg

Franki wins on points

Other results of the card

Tonga” Cedric N.T.G VS Eric Nosa 100Kg 3, 3 minute rounds

Cedric NTG wins by split decision

Danny Derdowski VS  Kim Olsen79Kg 5,3 minute rounds

Dedowski wins by split decision

Michael “Tomohawk” Thompson VS Wayne Martin 62.9Kg 5, 3 minute rounds

Thompson wins by 4th round stoppage

“Dangerous” Dan Moulder VS Jamie Stamp 66Kg, 5, 2-minute rounds

Moulder wins by unanimous points decision

Kevin N.T.G VS Mark “Sarra” Sarracino 62Kg 5, 3 minute rounds

Sarracino wins by unanimous points decision

Chris Kearney VS Ben Lane 58Kg 5, 2minute rounds

Kearney wins by unanimous points decision.

Apparently Parr has taken great difference with the outcome of his bout with Macfie. Whether a formal protest has been filed at this juncture is unknown.

~ by fatsoking on September 11, 2010.

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