Battle Colossal 11 October 30th, 2010

By Mike LNg

Battle Colossal XI

Much thanks goes to Phon Martdee for the announcement of this new card.  It looks like some pretty big names are to be expected to participate on this card including Steve Bonner and fresh off participating in Thai TV’s Thai Fight, Australia’s Jason Lea. Oley Sakonpetch will also be making a return appearance on Battle Colossal. Oley Is from the famous Saengmorakot gym. Sanegmorakot was voted Sportswriters’ Gym of the Year in 2004 for it’s incredible fighters and noted for the consistent wins. along with turning a steady stream of elite level Thaiboxers showcased via Jar Tui’s cards in Lumpinee stadium.

Though the card is still being made complete I expect some pretty decent talent to be coming and some WBC titles to be staked as well. What impact the recently announced convening of the WBC’s 48th convention will have on what straps can be staked around the world has yet to be made clear but I suppose that information will become public record following the convention’s end in November.

One day before Halloween the event happens at Curtin Stadium, Bentley. Perth WA.  The doors and the event are set to open at 6:00 pm. Early tickets can be bought in advance at the official Muay Thai promotions site.

I’ll keep the site updated on what other competitors make the Battle Colossal 11 card but early on this looks like it could be pretty exciting.

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