Maxi Fight 2 Returns To Reunion Island

By Mike LNg

Kiatpetch Gym's Thanongdeth

Reunion Island, France will once again play host to a Muay Thai card with some of the biggest names of the French Muay Thai scene there. The main event will feature Michael Piskitello versus Thanongdeth of the famous Kiatpetch gym of Thailand.  Thanongdeth as many of you already know was a former 67 kg Lumpini stadium champion. And Michael Piskitello held a World Muay Thai Council (WMC) world championship. The event is organized by long time promoters Samy Latchy Lafuteur and Maximin. After the successes of Maxi Fight 1 and the Jerome LeBanner versus Tomas Novack fight Maxi Fight 2 looks like it will be set to be as big of event with some of the names scheduled to participate.

Also on the card Emmanel Payet will be making a return to the ring to fight Depindray Dambel.  Payet had some diffculty even getting fights at the less common and larger cruiserweight division. In Australia Payet was one of the few fighters Nathan “Carnage” Corbett fought that posed a real threat to Corbett. Payet would eventually lose though in the process he succeeded in knocking down Corbett for an eight count in their only fight together.  I have not since seen Emmanuel Payet in action and this fight promises to hold some drama as apparently the rivalry between Payet and Dambel is very real. The promoter’s team  now says Payet will have no shortage of competition in the future and that everyone wants a fight with him.

The promoters also seem to recognize that fights make the event and so there really isn’t a lot in the way of some generic trinket titles being offered. One of the biggest fights doesn’t have any title attached to it at all.  Farid Villaume will be scheduled to fight against Moussa Konate, both significant names on the French Muay Thai scene. Villaume in the past fought Yodsanklai Fairtex to a draw and Konate stopped his opponent Bruno Bigot with powerful low kicks in the third round a year ago at the first Maxi Fight event.

Farid Villaume with plenty of belts

Maxi Fight 2 will be fought on Oct 15th, 2010 in St. Denis La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. And I have to imagine a televised broadcast of the event will coincide live or following the card.

The October 15th card is as follows:
Muay Thai World Championship for the World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WPMF)

Mickael Piscitello vs. Thanongdeth

Super Fight Muay Thai

Farid Villaume vs. Moussa Konate

Muay Thai Intercontinental Championship  (WPMF)

Samuel Andoche vs. Beausejour Johan

Muay Thai Intercontinental Championship (WPMF)

Valin Expédito vs. Khada Redouani

More Super Fights
Françoise Mickael vs. Mikael de Oliviera
Mickael Lallemand vs. Johnny Tancray
Emmanuel Payet vs. Depindray Dambel

Pancrase rules fight
Dafreville Christophe vs. Zviad Kobaliad

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