M-1 Fairtex Challenge Results Sept.12 , 2010

By Mike LNg

M-1 Fairtex Challenge

The 3rd installment of Fairtex’s M-1 Challenge has taken place on September 12th, 2010 and the results are in. Titled M-1 Fairtex Singha Beer Muay Thai Challenge Nai Kanotom Volume 3, the event took place in Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan.
World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WPMF) World Lightweight & M-1 Lightweight Unified Championship (3 x 5R)

Kanonsuk Fairtex (Thailand / WPMF World Lightweight champion)
Tomofumi Endo (Japan / M-1 Lightweight champion)

Kanonsuk won by TKO with the left elbow strike at 2:49 during the 2nd Round. Kanonsuk retained his WPMF title and won the title of M-1 lightweight champion.

Kanonsuk Versus Endo

Heavyweight match (3 x 3R)
Fabiano “Cyclone” Goncalves Aoki (Brazil / WPMF World Super-heavyweight champion, RISE Heavyweight champion)
Gotoku Onda (Japan)

Fabiano won by TKO with the left cross at 2:27 during 2nd Round. Fabiano was quoted as saying “I have the title of Super-heavyweight, and I want to fight against Jerome Le Banner who is holding same belt, not against Koichi”. How this title was awarded at all after Le Banner won it seems a bit mysterious to me.

Aoki Versus Onda

Middleweight match (3 x 3R) Gennarong’s retirement bout
Gennarong Weerasakreck (Thailand / M-1 Welterweight champion)
Hiroki Komata (Japan)

Komata won by TKO(Cut) with the Right elbow strike at 2:22 during 3rd Round.

Weerasakreck Versus Komata

Super-featherweight match (3 x 3R)
Hisanori Maeda (Japan)
“King” Kohei (Japan)

Maeda won by the unanimous decision after round 3.

Maeda versus King

KOICHI (Japan / M-1 Heavyweight champion)
“FUCK” Kishida (Japan). Yes that is actually Kishida’s nickname and not a mistype.  He goes by the nickname “Fuck”.

Koichi won by TKO with knee strike to the head at 1:20 during the 2nd Round. Following the bout Koichi was quoted to have said “I want to fight against Fabiano because he’s got the WPMF belt.”

Koichi versus Fuck

WPMF World Female Mini-Flyweight Championship (2 x 5R)

Featherweight match (3 x 3R)
Erika Kamimura (Japan / WPMF champion, J-Girls Mini-Flyweight champion)

Nongnuen Soshiriwan (Thailand / Challenger)

Kamimura Vs Soshiriwan

Kamimura won by the unanimous decision after 5th Round, and she succeeded in first defending her title.

Kompayak Weerasakreck (Thailand / M-1 Super-bantamweight champion)
KO-ICHI (Japan)

Kompayak won by the unanimous decision after the 3rd Round.

Results source :boutreview.

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