WBC – Path to the World Champion Sept 26th, 2010

By Mike LNg

Path to Champion

The Japanese Professional Muay Thai Committee is staging the WBC Muay Thai The Path to the World Champion event in Japan. The event is coming fast this weekend. Apparently too, the commercial has been broadcast in the busy Shinjuku station in Japan.

The card opens September 26, 2010 (Sun) at 4:45 pm in the famed Korakuen Hall. Details of the card that I know of so far are as follows:

Main Event: WBC Muay Thai International Super Bantamweight Title 3 minutes 5R
Takashi (Ken Hiroshi Association /Champion)
Li Ning (China / Thailand, China challenger WBC Champion Mue)

WBC Light middleweight bout
Sannai Hiroshi  (team Pitbull / former champion of Japan)
Takeda Kazuya (JMC Yokohama GYM / MA # 1 Middleweight in Japan)

Yamamoto Champion of WBC Muay Thai Japan

WBC super lightweight title for Japan
Yamamoto Yuki  (Tate Hashimoto dojo / WMAF champion)
Takahashi Seizi (Jim Matida Kaneko / NJKF number one ranked challenger )

WBC lightweightbout
Yamamoto Masahiro (Jim Fujiwara / WPMF, ranked #1 in Krush from the Japan featherweight champion lightweight (60kg) GP2009 champion)
Buddha felt ( King / Former WBC super featherweight champion of Thailand )

WBC super featherweight playoff minutes  5R
Nakasuka Yoshinori (OGUNI GYM/NJKF ranked#1)

WBC super bantamweight champion
Umeno Genzi (PHOENIX / WPMF champion of Japan)
Eggarato (Thailand / Tachikawa KBA)

WBC bantamweight bout
Fujiwara storm (Spirit Raid on Bungeling Bay / WPMF No. 1 in Japan)
Noboru Yamamoto (Akira Gym Contract / MA 2nd in Japan)

WBC flyweight bout
Ootsuki Naoki (OGUNI GYM / NJKF ranked #1)
Katou Riyuuzi (Tate Hashimoto dojo  / MA challenger champions Japan)

WBC welterweight title challenger bout
Yamato (Yamato / NJKF Champion)
Kazutaka (Pit Masters / MA champion of Japan)

The official trailer is below:

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