Parr Versus Yodsanklai 3 Video

By Mike LNg

Parr versus Yodsanklai

Now you can see for yourself how Parr versus Yodsanklai 3 fight went down at the Australian Payback Time 2 event.  At stake was the WKA middleweight world title. Judge for yourself if the decision was fair or not. This would be the third time the two fighters faced each other in the ring.  Ironically Parr would recently complain about impropriety of the officials at the Evolution 21 event in which Bruce “Preacher” Macfie would get a victory over Parr. Parr and Macfie also recently completed the third in their trilogy of fights.

~ by fatsoking on October 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “Parr Versus Yodsanklai 3 Video”

  1. JWP TOTALLY lost that fight: His boxing is no more than pummeling and his kicks lack power. JWP wasn’t always like this but to me he looks like a fighter who needs to retire NOW!

  2. i agree 100%.

  3. Yea winning a 5 round decision, regardless of what you thought of it, against one of the best fighters on the planet would make me wanna retire ASAP. What’s he thinking, throw the towel in already!!!(this was meant to be sarcastic if you didn’t pick up on that already)

  4. I can’t see the video, am I missing someting?

    Mr. Ng, I ge the feeling I know you.

    El Caoitan

  5. He didn’t win Kevin – you should know that with your time spent in Thailand!

  6. i dont think he should retire i just dont care for his style. hes coming off a loss to that other aussie contender guy…..and he wins a decision against yod?

    ummm no.

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