Thai Fight 2nd Round Results

By Mike LNg

Thai Fight

Just in case you may have missed the action from this weekend’s 2nd installment of Thai Fight 2nd Round.

Thai Fight Tournament Results of the 2nd Round

Fabio Pinca (France)Versus Rafi Zouheir (Spain)

Fabio Pinca Def. Rafi Zouheir on points.

Liam Harrison (England)Versus Soishiro Miyakoshi (Japan). Liam Harrison Defeats Soishiro Miyakoshi via KO (Elbow) Rd3,

Liam however was disqualified for not making weight and so Soishiro goes on to the Thai Fight Final round.

Petchmongkong Petchfocus (Thailand)Versus Vitaly Gurkov (Russia)

Petchmunkong Petchfocus Def. Vitaly Gurkov on points

Anthony Kane (Netherlands)Versus Youssef Bounghanem (Belgium)

Youssef Boughanem Def. Anthony Kane on points.

~ by fatsoking on October 25, 2010.

One Response to “Thai Fight 2nd Round Results”

  1. gurkov won the fighter from thailand judges were unfair

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