WCK Brings Wu Lin Feng to the USA

By Mike LNg

Wu Lin Feng Vegas

WCK Muay Thai is bringing Wu Lin Feng to the United States in its November 13th event. The event will feature U.S. fighters, many of whim are stable competitors for Dennis Warner and N’Synch promotions in the United States vs. the Chinese WuLinFeng Team. Wu lin Feng has a regularly broadcast product on Henan television and averages 6,000 in live attendance at their events.

Headlining the event will be a bout between Heath “Cowboy” Harris and Wang Hongxiang, with a co-headlining bout featuring Ben Yelle vs. Kang En.

Current Fight Card:

Heath “Cowboy” Harris vs. Wang Hongxiang
Ben Yelle vs. Kang En
Adrienne Grotte vs. Yi Long
Jack Thames vs. Hong Guang
Raul Rodriguez vs. Xu Yan
Alfred Khashakyan vs. Lin Shuai
Andrew Kapel vs. Guo Quiang
Nat McIntyre vs. Li Ning
Tiffany vanSoest vs. Wang Cong

~ by fatsoking on October 26, 2010.

One Response to “WCK Brings Wu Lin Feng to the USA”

  1. interesting freakshow. ill pass.

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