Toyota Vigo Marathon 154lbs

By Mike LNg

Toyota Marathon 154lbs press conference

The Toyota Marathon tournament has been announced. The weight for the tournament will be 70kg/154lbs.  Thailand Channel 7 will play host to the  8-man tournament scheduled to take place from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Udon Thani stadium. I am uncertain what the intial fight draws and matchups are to be as of yet but the fighters selected to participate are as follows:

Line up for Toyota Vigo Marathon

Aikpracha Meenayotin – Thailand

Cyrus Washington – USA (Washington has been fighting at significantly larger weight class and in fact lost at the Enfusion tournament because he could not make weight)

Thiago Teixeira – Brazil (Thiago has been busy fighting for the Z-1 promotion in Malaysia)

Antuan Siangboxing – France (Recently Pinto lost to Saiyok at the Queen’s Cup event)

Denis Oliwka- Germany

Don Madge- South Africa

Emad Saber – Spain

Vahid Rossani – Iran

Panomrunglek Kiatmuu9 will be showcasing the event with a western boxing match. Details will follow as I learn more about this coming event.

~ by fatsoking on October 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Toyota Vigo Marathon 154lbs”

  1. Very interesting to see vahid rossani in here.
    He fought a good match against Bovy and lost on points; he also beat Kido in k1max.

  2. Cyrus lost to Vahid

    Thiago Teixeira lost to Don Madge

    Antuan Siangboxing won his 1st and lost to Aikpracha in the quarterfinal.

    Vahid stopped Don in the quarterfinal.

    Aikpracha beats Vahid very convincingly…

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