King’s Birthday in the USA 2010

By Mike LNg

Standup Promotions King's Birthday

Much thanks goes to David Huerta for this news.  King’s Birthday is rapidly approaching and internationally promoters have been hard at work putting together cards to commemorate the day as big and as splashy as can be imagined. The United States is no exception. On Sunday December 5th, 2010 Standup promotions with Muay Thai Association of America is staging some big fights at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California.

Returning to action is Kevin Ross who has been keeping busy in recent times in Thailand fighting in the Toyota Cup Marathon. Ross has notably become perhaps the best know United States nak muay due to his increased profile in Thailand and his United States Muay Thai Federation (USMF) championship bout, WBC Muay Thai championship win among other high profile events.

Malaipet Sitraprom will be Ross’ opponent tho apparently this is to be at a lower catch weight than what Malaipet typically fights at. Malaipet has struggled with an apparent lack of focus and frankly desire.  So it should be interesting to see which version of Malaipet Ross is ultimately faced with.

Also on the card is from the East Los Angeles portion of California is David Huerta. Huerta holds a Muay Thai Association of America (MTAA) title.

It isn’t yet known if any titles are to be held for any of the bouts thus far but it looks like everything on the card will be under the WBC Muay Thai sanction.

For ticket information visit Muay Thai Association of America’s site or call 818-980-6688.

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2 Responses to “King’s Birthday in the USA 2010”

  1. All a part of strategy to beat out the thais – bring ’em over to America, fatten ’em up, pay ’em well, sap ’em of motivation, THEN beat ’em!

  2. haha, sounds like a good strategy to me

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