Songchai Troubles in New Venue

By Mike LNg

One Songchai

A while back I had reported that Songchai Rattansuban had made his return to a regularly broadcast Thailand TV product on Siam Sport TV. Songchai is without a doubt Thailand’s most celebrated promoter in Muay Thai. It was under his watch that some of the most memorable fights of Muay Thai’s legendary 90’s in Thailand took place. But as with many things it hasn’t been an easy transition wholly and certainly not without issues for the future too.

Suk Onesongchai first event broadcasted on channel 11. Eventually, he had problems getting venues for competition and he had to move frequently. Songchai settled his venue around Mengjai square as he was basically on the outs with Rajadamnern and Lumpinee stadiums, both at the time. Eventually his program was removed from television disappointing fans and reducing the visibility of his promoted events. This was during Songchai’s early transition to open air hosted events with his new tournament brand,  S-1. This began Songchai’s more active efforts to promote Muay Thai internationally, with in my opinion some mixed results.

Songchai recently had a recent start on Thai TV via Siam Sport’s broadcast of Songchai promoted events from Romsrithong. All seemed well for One Songchai’s events now broadcasting for all Muay Thai fans in Thailand to see. The fights were well matched and the location seemed ideal. The ratings were as high or higher than many other of Thai television’s Muay Thai broadcast programs.

Recently, on Saturday morning, The One Songchai team began having issues since reportedly the Romsrithong stage officer did not allow boxers to enter the venue. Allegedly, the lease for Romsrithong had expired.  Songchai Rattanasuban, was said to have an 11th hour negotiation session to extend the contract at the dawn deadline. To add to the issue, Romsrithong stadium is rumored to have a rate increase for the lease due to planned renovations. Needless to say without the secured lease Songchai would be forced to once again shop for a venue to stage his events. If the show was to go on Songchai had to agree to the fee increase and he did just that.

For now, things appear to be settled and in place for future broadcasts. But with all the difficulties One Songchai has encountered to get back on a regularly broadcast Thai TV program one has to wonder if all the struggles for One Songchai are truly over. For his part, Songchai remains involved in the M-150 boxing series, Thailand Versus Challenger with Elite Boxing and continues to broadcast Muay Thai in Thailand every Saturday at 2:30 pm Thai time.

Source: Muaysiam number 1931 and muaymag

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