Lumpinee Birthday Show Dec. 7th, 2010

By Mike LNg

Lumpinee Stadium

Lumpinee Stadium will once again bring their birthday show December 7th, 2010. The mammoth event to celebrate the stadiums birthday promises many exciting matches with some very big names.

1: Fonluang Sitboonmee vs Saengmorakot Kiatrachanok for vacant Thailand 108 title

2: Ekpracha Minayothin vs Samranchai 96 Penang for vacant Lumpini Welterweight title

3: Ekmongkol Gaiyanghaadao gym vs Wirachai Wor Wiwatananon for Ekmongkol’s 112 pound belt

4: Mondam Sor Wirapon vs Kengkart Sor Chokkitchai for vacant 108 pound title

5: Petpanomrung Sor Thamarangsi vs Marpichit Sitsongpeenong for vacant 115 pound title

Singdam Kiatmoo9

6: Singdam Kiatmuu9 vs Mongkolchai Petsuphapaan for Thailand and WMC 130 pound belts

7: Kongsak Sitboonmee vs Pornsaneh Sitmonchai for Kongsak’s Thailand 126 pound title

8: Superbon Lukjaomaesaiwaree vs Petboonchu FA Group for Superbon’s 135 pound Thailand title

9: Sam-A Tor Ratonakiat vs Thong PuiD9D for Sam-A’s 122 pound belt

10: Main event : Saenchai Sor Saenchai vs Nong-O Sit O for 135 Lumpini and WMC belt

Source : Rob Cox

~ by fatsoking on November 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lumpinee Birthday Show Dec. 7th, 2010”

  1. wow what a line up. chok dee sam-a, pornsaneh, and nong-o!!

  2. Saenchai goes by Saenchai Sinbi Muay Thai now…

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