Evolution 22 Card Confirmed

By Mike LNg

Bruce "Preacher" MacFie Vs Frankie Giorgi

All matches have been made following the Evolution 22 announcement that the main event matchup of Nathan Carnage “Corbett” Versus Spain’s Frankie Munoz.

Corbett rose to fame by a steady conquest of virtually any competition there was to be offered in the cruiserweight division in Muay Thai.  Though there had been some overtures about Corbett joining the ranks of K-1 and a fairly anticlimactic bout with the Netherlands’ Tyrone Spong, Corbett has now returned to Muay Thai and scored a title off of the Ukriane’s  Zhuralyev. Frankie Munoz  will represent Corbett’s opponent in Corbett’s return to the Evolution promotion. Munoz is trained by the famed Chakuriki gym home to K-1 standouts: Peter Aerts and now Jerome LeBanner.

Derdowski Vs. Jones

Returning triumphantly to Evolution 22 after a win over Queensland’s John Wayne Parr is Bruce MacFie. Though there was some controversy over the win MacFie will return to Evolution with much to prove after such a notable win.

The matches for Evolution 22 known thus far are:

Bruce “Preacher” MacFie Vs.  Frankie Giorgi.

Kevin NTG Vs. Mark Sarracino

Danny Derdowski Vs. Daniel Jones

Jamie Stamp Vs. Ryan Doyle for the WMC Australian Jr. Welterweight title

Chris Kearney Vs. Ben Lane for the WMC Queensland Featherweight title

Michael Thomspon Vs. Yud Rawai of Rawai Muay Thai

Eli “Mad Dog” Maddigan Vs. Harlee Avison

And Maineventing the event will be:

Nathan “Carnage” Corbett Vs. Frankie Munoz

~ by fatsoking on November 23, 2010.

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