La Nuit Des Challenges 9

By Mike LNg

La Nuit Des Challenges 9

Finishing up the year 2010, Herve Jacques (BOXEOS) and Fatih Meric (full-MERIC), Nasser Kacem (TEAM NAS-RK) and Karim Harzouz (Team HARZOUZ) have teamed up to bring a night of Muay Thai. For the first time international boxing and Muay Thai will be on for the “Night of Challenges” which aims to bring together the boxing fans and those of Muay Thai.

This event is sponsored by France’s international boxing great Fabrice Tiozzo, who owns 10 titles of World Champion WBC – WBA obtained in the years 1995 to 2006 and brought boxing to the forefront in Tiozzo’s home country.

On Saturday, December 18  French Muay Thai standout Yohan Lidon will main event the night. Lidon last year,  had won “The Green Belt”, the WBC Muay Thai World Championship  by KO in the first round against former champion, Thai ,Lamsongkram Chuwattana. Another Muay Thai world champion will be with him to represent the team NAS-RK,none other than the recent title challenger for Lumpinee stadium, Abdallah “The Panther” Mabel.

On the Thai side will be Naruepol Fairtex , a Thai champion who has experience 226 fights, 176 wins with 53 by knockout. Naruepol already fought Yohan Lidon. Both have a win against each other so this match could well be the tie breaker between the two.  Abdallah Mabel will be matched with the champion of Rajadamnern 2008-2009, Lumpinee stadium Champion and Thailand 2007 champion,  Nontachai Sit-O. Nontachai is noted for his slickness especially in the clinch.

A third match of the Dec.18th event is expected to be NAS-RK team member, Elouissi Nabil, 18, who will face Gabriel Chauvin from the Vacarie Team (Avignon).

On the side of boxing, as the heavy with the coming of Rachid El Hadaka (20W (7 KO) – 8L – 1D) Team HARZOUZ (Feyzin, Lyon). Rachid is the current Champion of France in his category (Cruiserweight), and won the belt recement EBO (European Boxing Association) against the Czech Roman Kracik on June 10th.

Other residents of the team HARZOUZ, Affif Belghecham (19W (4 KB) – 5L – 1D). Affif evolved in the category and was the Middleweight Champion of France. With him a young but talented boxer Newfel Ouatah (6W (5Kb) – 0L-0D) Newfel to 25 years and in the past fought as a heavyweight.

Also from the  French side , Brice Roumagoux, Champion du Lyonnais, who is part of the Team of the Academy of Lyon.

These four fighters will face a selection of boxers from Lodon, UK. The names and fights have yet to be confirmed for the English team.
The Fightcard thus far is:
(Full MuayThai Rules – 5×3)
Yohan Lidon VS 72.5Kg Narupeol Fairtex

Abdallah Mabel VS -71kg Nontachai-O-Sit

(Full MuayThai Rules – 5×3)

Nabil Elouissi VS Gabriel Chauvin-67kg

(Boxing Rules – 6×3)
Affif Belghecham VS TBA-72.5Kg
Rachid El HadakaVS TBA-91kg
Newfel Ouatah VS 100kg TBA
Brice Roumagoux VS TBA-64kg

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