Sudsakorn Klinmee Versus Andre Kulebin

By Mike LNg

Sudsakron Vs. Kulebin

Sudsakorn Klinmee battles Andre Kulebin in the WKN final of the Big 8 Muay Thai tournament. The two had met before in February 2010.  The continuation of this rubber match sees the two once again fighting one another at Minsk, Belarus to decide the winner of the WKN Big 8 Final.

~ by fatsoking on November 28, 2010.

One Response to “Sudsakorn Klinmee Versus Andre Kulebin”

  1. GAAAAH i was pushing for kulebin to get his revenge. sudsakorn, albeit a cocky son-of-a-gun, has got a hell of an eye. tricky bastard.

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