John Wayne Parr VS. Zhang Kaiyin: Bruce Lee’s 70th Birthday Fight

By Mike LNg

Zhang Kaiyin Celebrates in the Ring

The Bruce Lee 70th Birthday Celebrations are done and the results are in.  As is prone for many to do (and not without justification) accusations have begun to fly that the Chinese sanda fighters who met Muay Thai fighters under unified rules relied on biased judging or cheating to fight.  Judge for yourself.  The first fight for your consideration is Australia’s John Wayne Parr versus China’s Zhang Kaiyin.


~ by fatsoking on December 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “John Wayne Parr VS. Zhang Kaiyin: Bruce Lee’s 70th Birthday Fight”

  1. And a MERRY CHRISTMAS indeed. hahaa

  2. this was bullshit judging and refereeing. very biased. lets see mr.zhang in unbiased fight and then sanda fighters can earn their respect like thai fighters have.

  3. It was clear Zhang Defended a lot of leg kicks and countered better

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