Jeff Dojillo’s Sample Video

By Mike LNg

Here’s a sample from one of the hardest working veterans of the USA Muay Thai scene.  In fact I cannot think of any of the bigger shows for the USA Jeff has not been a presence at.  Jeff does superb and consistent work photographing Muay Thai events in the United States. I normally don’t name drop anyone (I’m pretty much one that has to be sold on on any entity’s integrity first) but his fine work speaks for itself.

If you want to see more of Jeff’s fine work go his official site and take a look at some of his galleries.  In the meantime here’s a sample video from him showing some American nak muays like Joe Schilling, Chaz Mulkey and Thailand’s fearsome Lerdsilla. Its obvious that its a labor of love and it shows in Jeff’s work.

~ by fatsoking on January 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “Jeff Dojillo’s Sample Video”

  1. thatta boy, Jeff!

    met Jeff in thailand coincidentally staying at fairtex the same time i was. turns out he’s friends with alot of my east coast friends who moved out to the west coast. super humble, hard worker and has the best cali slang haha. another dude who genuinely loves muay thai and is doing his part of make muay thai in the US look good.

    • I really like Jeff’s work too. And to clarify it is a labor of love. Doing this kind of photography doesn’t necessarily reap him big piles of money and accolades. He does it because he loves the sport and indeed Jeff does have some bigger clients but he still always makes sure to be ringside for Muay Thai.

  2. Cali slang rock Jake!, Mike thanks for posting and the kind words.

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