Thai Fight Season 2 Goes International, to Include Buakaw Por Pramuk

By Mike LNg

Thai Fight

Thai Fight’s first season has concluded with France’s Fabio Pinca emerging as the tournament champion and raised his already high profile even higher than it already was. Thai Fight 2011 plans have been finalized and as many of you may already know by now the elimination tourneys have already been in progress.  This piece of new comes via Rob Cox’s Muay Thai Focus site.

There will be 2 weight divisions – 67kg and 70kg.

There will be 8 men representing 8 different countries in each division.

  • The Thai representative for the 70kg division will be Buakaw Por Pramuk.
  • The Thai representative for the 67kg will be the winner of the Isuzu Tournament at 147lbs – The tournament concludes in April.
  • The 70kg and 67kg tournaments will be held on the same day.

The 3 fight dates are:
Sep 25 – Round 1 – 70kg x 4 fights (3 x 3 min) – 67kg x 4 fights (3 x 3 min)
Oct 24 – Round 2 – 70kg x 2 fights (3 x 3 min) – 67kg x 2 fights (3 x 3 min)
Nov 27 – Round 3 (FINAL) – 70kg x 1 fight (5 x 3 min) – 67kg x 1 fight (5 x 3 min)

Special Events for Thai Fight:
May 14 – France
July 16 or 23 – China
Dec 28 – Japan

Pretty exciting news and I look forward to seeing how the entire tournament will go down. I wonder if this second time around an American representative will be decided on.  For the past Thai Fight America’s Kevin Ross was announced as the United States representative but was not able to participate due to commitments he had already made for the Isuzu 8-man tournament.

~ by fatsoking on January 21, 2011.

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