WAMTAC Holds First Sanctioned Event

By Mike LNg


World Amateur Muay Thai Association of Canada (WAMTAC) is moving forward with the first event under their independent sanction.  Prior to this event WAMTAC hosted nearly the first Muay Thai event held in Toronto in nearly 2 years. There have been some legal wrangling on the part of Robin Finley of CMTC-A and some active efforts to stop their progress but WAMTAC thus far is making Muay Thai a regularly occurring event in Toronto, Ontario. Make note specifically about what Finley says in regards to the National Federation requirement in the comments section.

Though largely most fighters in Ontario are going to remain the perpetual away team in order to compete it’s a good sign that amateur fighters at least now have a place to get valuable experience.  As a matter of demographics Ontario is the biggest province population wise in all of Canada. Compared to the province of Alberta (Where CMTC-A is headquartered) amounting to less than 1/3 of the size of Ontario at 4 million.

The card will feature fighters from the following Muay Thai Boxing schools:

Warrior Muay Thai – Toronto
Phady’s Muay Thai – Cambridge
Iron Tiger Muay Thai – Stoney Creek
South Side Muay Thai – Scarborough
Redemption Muay Thai – Bowmanville
Black Tigers Muay Thai – Toronto
Caged Dragon MMA – Brantford
Tiger Gym – Toronto

Advance Tickets – $25
Door Tickets: $35

Tickets will be available soon at the participating gyms or by contacting Warrior Muay Thai at 647-295-6143 or info@warriormuaythai.com

Music Provided by:
DJ Lune and FuZion Sound & Entertainment

~ by fatsoking on February 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “WAMTAC Holds First Sanctioned Event”

  1. Don’t know how gyms like Siam No. 1 and Krudar weren’t approached to take part in this event, thats blasphemy!

    • They were approached but to put it succinctly Khan and Suchart don’t like each other. And Suchart would prefer to follow the Mike Miles model. Talking without knowing is a lot closer to blasphemy.

  2. KDM – Thank you for raising this very important misconception.

    Firstly, let it be said that both Krudar and Siam No. 1 undeniably 2 of the most prominent, influential and important contributors to Muay Thai in Ontario and perhaps Canada at large. Both of them deserve recognition for their dedication to the sport. The below comments are in no way meant to offend anyone affiliated with these 2 camps.

    WAMTAC has a public application process outlined on its website. All gyms are free to apply and unfortunately the gyms listed above have not yet. Further, with all due respect Ajarn Suchart of Siam No. 1 previously expressed via email his disapproval of WAMTAC and support of CMTC-A’s efforts to establish another Provincial Sports Organzation in Ontario, which has beek spoken about for nearly 2 years since CMTC-A refused to recognize the previous PSO (CAMTAO) and it was dissolved. There are several other gyms that have in fact openly declined participating in WAMTAC as they are worried about severing their relationship with Siam No.1. So apologies for not openly inviting them – but WAMTAC would love to see these gyms express their interest in participating and showcase the skill of ther athletes to the public.

    It is unfortunately a politically sensitive issue, but WAMTAC is completely open very hopeful that these and other gyms will apply and participate for the benefit of the sport. This event is in part an effort to quell the fears of all the other gyms out there who have been fed misleading information about WAMTAC, to inspire them to reconsider their positions and to join.

    WAMTAC did not aggressively market itself to all Canadian gyms in its infancy stage as its focus was on 2 key issues:
    1) Establishing controls and processes to operate fairly, effectively and safely
    2) Establishing a strong core membership of gyms who where dedicated to the same vision and where not influenced by mixed loyalties

    Recently, its efforts are gradually shifting to a 3rd phase: Promoting itself to gyms across Canada and in particularly in Ontario who have suffered a nearly 2-year absence of such events.

    The fight roster for this event is not finalized yet and there is certainly room for more athletes to be added. Any gym with athletes interested in competing on this card may contact the event organizer listed on the poster to discuss the process.

    Best Regards

  3. Tentative Lineup so far:

    Amin Almelik (Warrior) vs Roy Candelaria (Southside) – 135 lbs

    Bryce Johnson (Caged Dragon) vs Paul Schick (Redmption) – 155 lbs

    Eric Sun (Warrior) vs Raul Rojas (Southside) – 140 lbs

    Rob Mudford (Caged Dragon) vs Jeremy Crooks( Redemption) – 135 lbs

    Tom Styres (Caged Dragon) vs Ivan Merida (Phady’s) – 190 lbs

    Craig Renwick (Phady’s) vs Paul Martin (Kingston Muay Thai) – 190 lbs

    Lyndsay Austin (Scorpion) vs Andrew Stevens (Southside) – 155 lbs

    Todd Whetter (Caged Dragon) vs Jason (Tiger Gym) – 165lbs

    Ralph Klubinsky (Caged Dragon) vs Preston Pierce (Southside) – 175 lbs

    Main Event

    Alex Rozicki (Caged Dragon) vs Barry McDonald (Redemption) – 155 lbs

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